About Us

Our Story

Our company took flight (pun intended) when our founder, James Karpy, who had been flying R/C airplanes with his dad since he was a young boy, took his homemade balsa airplane out to the flying field back in 2006.  The plane caught a lot of attention from spectators who noticed how forgiving, stable and easy to fly it was, even at slow speeds.  Encouraged by other R/C enthusiasts who wanted planes with these same great flying characteristics, James saw the opportunity for combining his lifetime hobby with years of engineering experience to provide others the opportunity to enjoy great-flying R/C airplanes.  Over the years, he has designed numerous other planes and accessories, and continues to sell his products online, while working full-time as a PC Board Designer.

We appreciate all of our loyal customers who continue to refer their friends to our site.  Thank you for your continued support of our small business.

Proud to be made in the u.s.a.

Millennium R/C specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality laser cut balsa airplane build kits and accessories right here in the USA!  Our current airplane kits vary in wing span from 21.5 - 42 inches.  We pride ourselves in offering you top quality, innovative products and excellent customer service.